Top CB recruits, including DeSoto's Echols

ESPN Recruiting analyst Billy Tucker takes a look at the top cornerback prospects of 2012, including DeSoto's Bryson Echols, a Texas commit, and Mesquite Horn's Devante Harris.

Here's a snippet of the report on Echols:

Echols' ball-awareness skills are outstanding. He knows where he is on the field at all times, and also has a feel for breaking receivers and where the quarterback is going with the ball. Texas has a good one in Echols, a corner who is mentally prepared to play the position at the next level, which is exceptional out of high school.

And Harris:

Could be the most underrated cornerback prospect in 2012. Committed to Oklahoma, Harris has excellent footwork and speed, and may have been passed on early in the process due to his lack of size.

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