North Mesquite gets a kick from its 3-0 start

North Mesquite is 3-0 for the first time 2002, and there are plenty of reasons for the Stallions' quick start.

Coach Mike Robinson points out that often-overlooked special teams play has been excellent.

Punter Farid Olalde has backed opponents inside the 10 a handful of times already.

Danny Contreras and Byron Campos, who share kickoff duties, are capable of kicking out of the end zone. Both were members of the school’s soccer team that finished one game shy of playing for the Region II championship in the spring.

“It makes a big difference when the other team is starting at its 20 or inside its 10,’’ Robinson said. “It is great that we can share athletes like this. Byron has been a linebacker for us, but Danny has never played football before.’’

In the Stallions’ most recent win, 29-9 over South Grand Prairie, an Olalde punt was killed a yard away from the goal line led to a safety.

The special teams struck again when a high punt snap resulted in a 39-yard fumble return touchdown by North Mesquite sophomore Damarcus Easter.

“We had 10 men on the line ready to rush the punter,’’ Robinson said. “We had something to do with the high snap.’’

North Mesquite’s win over South Grand Prairie was played in the Gopher-Warrior Bowl. Coincidently, the 2002 Stallions went to 3-0 in the same stadium, beating Grand Prairie.

Robinson said he and the coaching staff knew this team was a good group of kids with a love for the game and high expectations.

“It’s good to see these guys go out and prove it,’’ the coach said. “We have not had one bad practice since we started.’’

The Stallions face 1-1 Plano West 7:30 p.m. Friday at Mesquite Memorial Stadium.