Runaway cart victim still in pain, to visit doctor

Two days after Undre Smith was one of seven people hit by an out-of-control, unmanned golf cart at Cowboys Stadium in Saturday, the 46-year-old said he’s still experiencing pain in his left knee, right lower thigh and the right side of his neck. He’s scheduled to see a doctor on Monday.

Smith and a group of reporters were standing around interviewing Spring Dekaney coach Willie Amendola near midfield after Amendola’s team won the Texas Class 5A Division II football championship over Cibolo Steele, 34-14.

“As I was standing there interviewing him, at the last two seconds I could see something white behind him, but I wasn’t sure what it was and it was too late to get out of the way,” Smith said by phone Monday. “It bowled over us. When it hit us, Amendola landed on the inside of the vehicle and I was the last guy on top of it and was riding for a few seconds. I hit the ground and it ran over me again and pushed me out of the way.”

Smith said he was one of two people carted off the field and that he was knocked out initially by the fall.

Cowboys Stadium spokesman Brett Daniels said the facility is "currently investigating the details that led to the accident" and that they hope to know more soon.

“When I came to, there were six or seven people around me and there was a doctor there checking me,” Smith said. “He felt that I had torn ligaments [in the knee].”

A video of the incident shows the cart coming onto the field from behind one of the end zones with a stadium worker chasing after it. It takes a right-hand turn and hits the huddle of folks near midfield with Amendola falling into the cart’s passenger seat. It appears he tries to control it with the steering wheel, but he tumbles out. A worker was able to jump in and stop the cart.

It isn’t clear how the electric cart began to move without anyone in the driver’s seat, but there were fluorescent orange sideline markers in the cart and some pylons near the pedals.

Smith owns his own sports website -- Odums and Smith Sports Highlights -- and he writes game stories and blog entries while his partner shoots stills or video. Andre Odums was also at midfield with a camera on Saturday, but was standing just far enough away to step back before the cart hit him.

“It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever encountered,” Smith said. “It made me angry later. How could this happen at the end of the football game on the field?”