Flower Mound's Hanna: Six-man to Cowboys

IRVING, Texas -- The way Donnie Brake remembers it, the field was "partial grass, dirt and rocks."

It was about 20 yards wide and 38 yards long, give or take. When the offense wanted to work on the passing game, they went the long way. When they wanted to run, they went the wide way.

James Hanna was a 16-year-old sophomore then, playing six-man football at Coram Deo Academy in Highland Village, Texas, with Brake as his coach.

"I remember practicing outside of our building on really not very good fields over there," Hanna said, "and thinking about going to play football for Oklahoma and then I'd go play for the Dallas Cowboys because my stepdad went to Oklahoma and has been a Cowboy fan, so I grew up watching Oklahoma and the Cowboys. As luck would have it, it's worked out that way. Literally, it's a dream come true."

How many kids have those dreams? Hundreds? Thousands?

Hanna, whom the Cowboys selected in the sixth round in last week's NFL draft, is one of the few who get to live it.

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