Buzz: Rick Carlisle steers clear of Kobe controversy

SAN ANTONIO – Rick Carlisle claims he hasn’t seen the play that caused Kobe Bryant’s severe ankle injury, perhaps opening a window for the Mavericks to make the playoffs.

That’s Carlisle’s story and he’s sticking with it.

“I didn’t see the play and I’m not going to get involved with anything having to do with saying anything happening with Kobe Bryant,” Carlisle said. “I think our owner showed what could happen with that 10 days ago.”

That, of course, is a reference to Mark Cuban’s hypothetical suggestion that the Lakers could consider using the amnesty clause on Bryant, who responded by torching the Mavs two days later and rubbing it in with an “Amnesty THAT” tweet.

Carlisle will wisely allow others to offer their opinions about whether a dirty play by ex-Mav Dahntay Jones caused Bryant’s injury. It can only do harm for Carlisle to provide commentary on that situation.

Besides, Bryant being sidelined indefinitely is irrelevant to the Mavs if they don’t keep winning. Even after winning four in a row, the Mavs trail the eighth-place Lakers by 2 ½ games in the West standings.

“We really have got to just focus on our own thing,” Carlisle said. “Whatever happens externally is going to happen. We control our situation by putting the force and the attitude and the effort into it at as much of a high level as we can. We’ve got to try to take care of our own games.

“At the end, if we’ve done our job, we’ll give ourselves a chance.”