Mavs quick hits heading into Kings game

A quick Mavs 3-pointer on the season’s first Friday night gameday at home:

1. Things change fast around here, especially when we’re talking about Mavs speedster Roddy Beaubois.

It was just three weeks ago that Mavs officials could not rule out sending Beaubois down to the D-League for a stint or two to ensure that the young Frenchman was exposed to critical game situations in his rookie season.


Beaubois is regarded as the starter at shooting guard for the foreseeable future . . . or at least for as long as Josh Howard remains sidelined from his latest ankle setback. Slotted in next to mentor Jason Kidd, Beaubois is averaging 10.8 points in nearly 19 minutes per game since moving into the starting lineup last Friday in Minnesota.

If he keeps getting meaningful minutes, pests like me won’t even ask the D-League question any more. One team official confirmed Friday that the new consensus expectation is that Beaubois will be active -- and utilized -- for every Mavs game from here as long as he stays healthy.

And I can tell you that in my travels around the league -- as well as in discussions by phone or electronic means with various coaches, players and league insiders -- Beaubois is always the first Mav that I’m asked about by NBA folks in other cities.

He’s no Brandon Jennings, but Beaubois is generating quite a bit of November hoopla for a No. 25 pick.

2. Looking for something Dirk Nowitzki hasn’t done in what might be his best-ever start to an NBA season?

Drain a 3-pointer in the first half.

I realize that’s some obscure Dirk trivia, but it’s true. The Elias Sports Bureau keeps track of such matters and reports that, after a dozen games, Dirk is still waiting to knock down his first first-half 3.

Bear in mind, though, that Nowitzki has only attempted 33 triples through 12 games, sinking 12 after halftimes for a success rate of .364.

The full breakdown: Nowitzki is 0-for-7 on 3s in the first half, 10-for-24 on 3s in the second half and 2-for-2 on 3s in overtime.

3. There is an ESPN.com presence in this handy oral history of Dirk’s Mavs career as assembled by local scribe Zac Crain in the newest issue of D Magazine. But you should be reading this handy recap of the past 12 years or so regardless.