Cuban lands low blow on NBA refs

Cuban Enters The Ring (2:00)

Highlights from Mark Cuban's guest host appearance on WWE Raw (2:00)

The buzz about Mark Cuban’s appearance as Monday Night Raw’s guest host is about the billionaire going back-first through a table, courtesy of Sheamus.

A quartet of Mavericks sitting ringside – Shawn Marion, Tim Thomas, Drew Gooden and James Singleton – made sure Sheamus left the arena without causing Cuban further harm. However, it must be noted that their help defense was several minutes later.

Cuban managed to land a low blow on the NBA office earlier in the show. While talking trash with Randy Orton and a couple of his cronies, Cuban claimed that WWE refereeing is even worse than the NBA’s.

Then Cuban proved his point, serving as the ref during a match between Orton and Kofi Kingston. Cuban, still (acting) bitter about getting RKO’d by Orton in his previous Monday Night Raw appearance, fixed the match with a 1-2-3 quick-count the first time Orton’s shoulder blades touched the mat.

“I waited six years for payback,” Cuban said over the microphone, “and I got you.”

Good thing NBA refs aren’t that vindictive, right?