Suddenly many Mavs are scoring

All it took to get scoring up and down the Mavericks roster apparently was a swift kick in the rear from Dirk Nowitzki. After the ugly loss to Portland last week, Nowitzki expressed frustration that it seemed if he didn't put the ball in the basket late than the Mavs don't win.

The next game against Memphis, seven players scored in double figures and Dirk, with 20 points, got them all in the first three quarters. Jason Terry and Josh Howard combined for 20 in the final period for a 106-101 win. Sunday night in Denver, seven of the eight players that played scored in double figures, led by Drew Gooden's 19 on 8-of-8 shooting.

Talk about balance, all eight players scored between seven (Jason Kidd, who had nine assists) and Gooden's 19. Nowitzki needed just 13, a rarity in a Mavs victory.

"We’re working on that and I think we all understand that we can’t be a one-man show," Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said after the Memphis win. "That formula is only going to take you so far in this league during this period of time. There were times maybe in the past where that could carry it, but now teams are too deep. The formula for our team is going to be good balance. There’s some nights we’re going to need Dirk or maybe somebody else to carry us predominantly, but on a game-to-game basis, it’s asking too much."