Gooden to MFFLs: Get loud

DALLAS -- The official slogan for Dallas Mavericks fans is "Rowdy, Proud and Loud."

MFFLs are failing in at least two of those areas at the AAC this season. And the Mavs haven't given their faithful much to be proud about at home, where they're 13-7 and on pace for the most losses in AAC history.

"We need more energy," Gooden said. "Not only us, we need more energy from our fans. We need everybody as one in this building to make it tough on our opponents whenever they come to play in Dallas."

OK, but isn't it the team's responsibility to give the fans something to get fired up about?

"It’s a lot of our responsibility, but at the same time, our fans should help," Gooden said. "Even if they have to boo us if we aren’t playing right, we need something going on. We need to hear something."