Millsap has mismatch with Dampier

SALT LAKE CITY -- Erick Dampier almost always takes the opponent's best post player.

He didn't exactly get a break tonight with Carlos Boozer resting a strained calf. Paul Millsap is an awfully tough matchup for Dampier, as evidenced by the Jazz power forward's four quick buckets. Millsap has exploited Dampier with his face-up game in the early going.

"He looks like he’s a little undersized and yet he plays very big," Rick Carlisle said of Millsap, who is coming off a 32-point, 14-rebound, seven-assist performance. "He doesn’t look all that dynamic at times, but he makes a lot of plays where you know that he’s deceptively quick. And he has a knack for creating contact and finishing plays. And he’s an underrated shooter.

"I guess more than anything he understands how he fits in their system and utilizes his ability within how they play and maximizes it."