Maggette out, Morrow in for Warriors

OAKLAND -- The Warriors will have a totally different dynamic than the team that played in the American Airlines Center last week.

Small forward Corey Maggette is out because of a dislocated left ring finger. Anthony Morrow recently returned after missing 10 games with a sprained knee.

Essentially, Golden State swaps an elite slasher for an elite shooter. It wouldn't be stunning for the Warriors to jack up 30 3-pointers tonight.

"Morrow might be the best shooter in the league in terms of percentage over the last couple of years," Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said. "He’s a terrific player. When he lines it up, very rarely does he not have it right in the slot.

"Tonight when we commit two to the ball with Ellis, we’re going to have to scramble and find the Morrows and the Currys. Those guys are both great shooters."