Cuban: I still like Josh Howard

Mark Cuban does not deny that his Dallas Mavericks are shopping Josh Howard. However, Cuban makes it clear that the Mavs aren’t simply trying to get rid of their struggling swingman.

“The truth is he’s like any other player,” Cuban said during an appearance with ESPN 103.3’s Galloway and Co. “If you get something better for him, then you make the deal. I like Josh. He’s caused me some grief, but I still like him.”

Howard’s series of off-court stupidity a couple of summers ago has been well-documented. His moodiness has also been an issue for the Mavs at times over the years.

Howard is in the midst of the worst season of his career, although he’s shown flashes of his old form recently. Is Howard still a headache for the Mavs’ brass?

“Not anymore. No, he really hasn’t been,” Cuban said. “Josh right now is really focused. Even last night in Denver, he laid it out there probably more than anybody else. Even after things got really out of hand, he was still laying it out there, playing really hard. He’s been working extra hard to get his shot back.”

The hope is that all Howard’s work with assistant coach Darrell Armstrong will pay off … if he’s still here after the trade deadline.