When will Dirk's Dallas run end?

DALLAS -- Dirk Nowitzki has made it clear that he plans to finish his NBA career in Dallas.

The question is how much longer the best player in franchise history will play.

"Maybe he plays another three, four, five more years," said Holger Geschwindner, Dirk's personal coach and mentor since childhood. "Nobody knows."

The determining factor, according to Geschwindner, could be whether Nowitzki has fun. That could be concerning to Mavs fans, considering that Nowitzki has openly discussed how frustrated he is this season.

However, as I chatted with Geschwindner while seated in the second row about an hour before a recent game, Nowitzki wore a wide smile while working with an assistant coach on the court.

"You have to love the game," Geschwindner said. "You have to love to walk out onto the court. There are already too many guys that just go to work. That is not much fun for the player and the spectators. I think as soon as he gets the feeling, or any player gets that feeling, he should not continue to play."

The only way Nowitzki can truly enjoy going to work at this point of his Hall of Fame career is if the Mavs are legtimate contenders for a championship. A title is the only goal Nowitzki has yet to check off the list.

What are the chances the Mavs could win a championship within the next few years?

"I guess we have to wait until next week," Geschwindner said, referring to the trade deadline. "There are so many changes from year to year that it’s tough to say."