It's another business move for Gooden

DALLAS -- Drew Gooden had a simple explanation before the season for bouncing around to seven NBA teams.

"I've been a victim of the business of basketball," the journeyman forward/center said.

Now, Gooden can add an eighth sticker to his suitcase. The eight-year veteran is headed to the Washington Wizards as part as the seven-player deal with the Dallas Mavericks.

This was definitely a victim of the basketball business in this instance.

He did everything asked of him in Dallas, accepting a role as a reserve. He played hard and conducted himself with class.

"Drew did a great job," Mark Cuban said. "He laid it out there every game for us to try to fill in as a 5. Going into the season we thought that would work and it just didn’t play out as planned."

Gooden's stint as a Maverick was short because Dallas desperately needed a traditional big man. Gooden's expiring contract had to go for the Mavs to get back Brendan Haywood. That's the way the basketball business works.