Stevenson steers clear of Jay-Z

DALLAS -- Most of the Mavs will go to the Jay-Z concert at American Airlines Center this evening.

I'm told that DeShawn Stevenson won't be joining his teammates.

You see, Stevenson and Jay-Z had a bit of a beef during the Wizards-Cavaliers series a couple of years ago. It all started when Stevenson referred to LeBron as "overrated." LeBron answered that responding to Stevenson would be like "would be like Jay-Z saying something bad about Soulja Boy."

Jay-Z, who is tight with LeBron, made a "diss record" about Stevenson that was played in a D.C. club days later.

The Washington Post did a fine job of chronicling this whole bizarre ordeal as it was happening. I wanted to ask Stevenson about it, but after a solid performance in the win over the Pacers, he stayed well after Tuesday's practice to work on his game.