League orders Butler to put straws down

Enjoy Chewing Straws? (1:01)

Sportsnation discusses Caron Butler and his straw-chewing and the rest of his new teammates joining him (1:01)

DALLAS -- One of the first things many people noted about Caron Butler is that he chews straws during games. It became such a hit that a local radio sports talk show host encouraged fans to come to Wednesday night's game against the Lakers bearing straws to show their support for their new Maverick.

Apparently someone else took notice, too. NBA executive vice president Stu Jackson phoned Butler on Tuesday and told him to leave his straws at home. Butler did not play against the Lakers due to a reaction to medication, so he was unavailable for comment. But, the Mavs confirmed that the league is serious about outlawing straw chewing.

"It's against the rules," Mavs owner Mark Cuban said.