Why does Hollinger hate the Mavs?

That's what a lot of mad MFFLs want to know when they see that ESPN.com stats geek extraordinaire John Hollinger ranks a team with a 13-game winning streak as the NBA's 13th-best team.

Hollinger offers his answer -- devoid of emotion, full of mathematical reason -- in today's PER Diem (Insider).

This certainly isn't the first time Mavs fans have been mad at Hollinger, whose rankings are based purely on a mathematical formula. He reminds folks that he got ripped for ranking the 58-win Spurs over the 67-win Mavs a few years ago ... before San Antonio won the title and the Mavs made a first-round exit.

In fairness, I'll point out that Hollinger's numbers indicated that the blockbuster deal with the Wizards would make a minimal impact for the Mavs. That certainly appears to be off the mark, as are the cries from Mavs fans that Hollinger has an anti-Dallas bias.

UPDATE: Want more Hollinger? Listen to his appearance on ESPN 103.3's Galloway and Company at 5:25.