Cuban: 'We know we can kill anybody'

DALLAS -- A 5-6 slump hasn't lowered expectations or limited swagger for the Mavericks, starting with the man who signs the checks.

Mark Cuban oozed confidence during a guest appearance on Jason Terry's ESPN 103.3 radio show Monday night, pointing out that the Mavs aren't the only West power that has had problems recently and reminding folks that he believes Dallas is a legitimate contender.

"You look down the list, and nobody's afraid of anybody," Cuban said. "Nobody looks at us and says, 'We're afraid of them.' Look, if we dial in, we know we can kill anybody. It's just a question of focus."

Cuban acknowledged that the Mavs have proven they can lose to anybody when they just go through the motions.

This once again brings up the issues of urgency, focus and effort. With five games remaining in the regular season and the Mavs in the midst of a battle royale for playoff seeding, you'd think that wouldn't be a problem.

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