Mavs on high alert for pick-and-rolls

DALLAS -- Jason Terry said film of Game 1 revealed that the San Antonio Spurs unleashed more than 80 pick-and-rolls and the Dallas Mavericks are prepared for more of the same in Game 2 tonight.

"With Avery [Johnson], we used to run 60 a game. That was our goal. These guys ran over 80 last game," Terry said. "Pick-and-rolls are the most difficult thing to cover in basketball, so the task ahead is tough."

The Mavs did a pretty good job of disrupting passes in the lane off the pick-and-roll. Dallas had 10 steals and forced 17 Spurs turnovers in all. Still, the Spurs managed 50 points in the paint, 16 more than Mavs.

"It's a two-man game, but all five guys are involved in defending it," Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said of the pick-and-roll. "You get two really good facilitators like Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, and Tim Duncan is a great screener, and a bunch of 3-point shooters, all five guys got to be involved in the coverage. You've got to have schemes that are the right ones and then you've got to execute them right and then you've got to be able to adjust when you need to."