Will Carlisle free Roddy B in Game 3?

SAN ANTONIO -- Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said he came close to subbing in rookie guard Roddy Beaubois in Game 2.

After Friday morning's shootaround, Carlisle wouldn't specify at which point in the game he mulled the move, but he said the team started to hit some shots and he chose to leave Beaubois on the bench. It stands to reason that Carlisle thought about turning to the rookie when the Mavs fell down 80-60 in the third quarter. The Mavs then countered with a 12-0 run.

If San Antonio has the Mavs backed in a corner tonight in Game 3, perhaps that's when Beaubois will get his first career playoff action. Or could Carlisle turn to the rookie with explosive scoring potential even if the Mavs aren't hard-pressed for points? At the very least, Carlisle said Beaubois could play.

"Very possible. He's ready, he's ready," Carlisle said. "I wouldn't hesitate to put him in."

Beaubois did not log many minutes during the stretch of the regular season outside of 18 minutes in a blowout of the Los Angeles Clippers.