Carlisle OK with Najera's 'aggressive play'

SAN ANTONIO -- Rick Carlisle plans to seriously consider giving rugged forward Eduardo Najera more playing time for the rest of the series.

Of course, the NBA could have a say in the matter.

The league will review Najera's flagrant two foul committed on Manu Ginobili 47 seconds into the fourth quarter. A suspension is a possibility after Najera violently yanked the Spurs star down from behind as Ginobili went up for a layup.

Carlisle, who had just watched his team get bullied for the entire third quarter, certainly didn't mind Najera getting ejected.

"He was in there a short period of time but made an aggressive play at least," Carlisle said.

Ginobili, who wore a splint to protect a broken nose suffered in Game 3, wasn't worked up about the play.

"He just fouled me hard," Ginobili said. "No big deal."

If the league agrees with Ginobili, Najera probably won't have to wait until the beginning of the fourth quarter to take off his warmups in Game 5.