Roddy B. poised for Hill-like leap

SAN ANTONIO -- A year ago, George Hill was a rookie guard on the fringe of a veteran-loaded playoff team's rotation. Now he's a key member of the Spurs' core.

Many people expect Mavs rookie Rodrigue Beaubois, a late first-round pick like Hill, to make a similar leap next season.

One NBA personnel man compared Beaubois with Hill earlier this season. They're both quick combo guards with long arms and the ability to hurt defenses with the drive or long-distance jumper.

Mavs owner Mark Cuban is definitely among those who expect Beaubois to have a breakout second season. However, Cuban said before the series started that he didn't think Beaubois and Hill were that similar.

Cuban declined to elaborate on why he didn't think the Beaubois-Hill comparison was a good one. "I don't want to motivate anybody," he said.

Since that quote didn't appear anywhere until now, you can't credit Cuban for provide motivational fodder for Hill's efficient 29-point explosion in Game 4. Does it make Mavs fans feel any better to think that Roddy B. might be ready to make such an impact in next season's playoffs?