Mavs make history by losing to 7 seed

SAN ANTONIO -- The Mavs made more ignominious playoff history.

They became the first team to lose a first-round series as a No. 2 seed. And that came only three years after the Mavs became the first No. 1 seed to fail to advance.

This six-game exit isn't nearly as embarrassing as the 67-win Mavs woeful series against the Golden State Warriors in 2007. It could be a stretch to even call this an upset, considering the Spurs' four-championship pedigree.

"This could have been the Western Conference finals," Brendan Haywood said. "The teams are that good. This isn't like a monumental upset or anything. You all are talking like this is the NCAA tournament and the 15 seed just beat the 2."

This actually wasn't the first time the Mavs lost to a 7 seed. The Sonics upset them in a best-of-five series in 1987.

But a 7 hadn't advanced since 1998.

"Going into the playoffs as a 2 seed is all we could have wanted," Dirk Nowitzki said. "We just happened to see a tough 7 seed that got rolling at the right time, got healthy and started to play well."

The Spurs certainly aren't a routine 7 seed. But the stat geeks tried to warn us that the Mavs were subpar by 2 seed standards.