Mavs' Terry flashes usual humor on Cowherd

Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry made a brief-but-entertaining appearance Friday afternoon on the Colin Cowherd Show.

Here's a few of Terry's better comments:

Cowherd asked what the Boston Celtics might try to stop Kobe Bryant: "You might want to try a number of different strategies. But none of them are going to work. ... Kobe is determined. ... They can bring Bill Russell out of retirement and nobody is going to stop Kobe Bryant in this series."

Cowherd then asked how important center Andrew Bynum is to the Los Angeles Lakers: "You can send him to Dallas and we will welcome him with open arms."

Since Terry said he doesn't feel Kobe can be stopped, Cowherd asked if he believes the Lakers will win the series: "I had my green-and-white Boston Celtics shorts on last night. Wore them to bed. You know I'm superstitious. ... I like Boston."

And finally, Cowherd asked Jet where he believes LeBron James will play next season. JET did not disappoint (again): "Well LeBron, if you're in this for a championship as we all say we are, then you're going to Boston, L.A., San Antonio or Dallas. I'll throw Denver in there. Those are the teams you go to if you want to win a championship."