Roddy B back in town, back at work

In the Mavericks’ most optimistic moments, they see hints of Tony Parker and Rajon Rondo in Rodrigue Beaubois.

Beaubois, though, will have to learn how to run a team in the NBA to get anywhere close to the Parker/Rondo stratosphere, which is why the most popular Mav not named Nowitzki quietly returned to Dallas last week to start preparing for next season.

The Mavs estimate that Beaubois logged roughly 80 percent of his minutes as a rookie at shooting guard. But they made the decision early in the season not to send Beaubois to the D-League for a stint or two partly because they were banking on the idea that he’d get plenty of QB time as a full-time point guard for Dallas’ summer-league entry in Las Vegas.

That time has arrived.

To prep for a hugely important offseason and the start of summer-league practices at the end of the month, Beaubois is already back in town for voluntarily workouts, which has his bosses rather encouraged.

Beaubois has been challenged by Mavs coaches to push himself harder. Intensity and focus are buzzwords for the 22-year-old, since both areas -- for all the justified second-guessing about how little he was used in the San Antonio series – were up there on the list of Beaubois’ Year 1 shortcomings. So his willingness to take a short vacation after Dallas’ first-round flameout and start getting serious about 2010-11 so soon can only excite team officials, who are counting on leaps in on-court dependability and maturity that clear them to install Beaubois as the opening-night starter at shooting guard next season alongside Jason Kidd.

The Mavs will obviously be even happier if Beaubois makes sufficient progress at the point in summer league -- and with the French national team later in the summer in Parker’s place -- to enable them to reduce Kidd’s minutes in 2010-11. Dallas believes that the 37-year-old’s struggles in the San Antonio series were at least somewhat tied to the draining PT load shouldered by Kidd all season.

But merely having Parker-esque speed and a Rondo-type build, as well as the undying adoration of Mavs fans, won’t get Beaubois to their stratosphere. It’s also not enough that he’s a far superior outside shooter to both.

To make a similar impact, Roddy will eventually have to play the same position. And play it well.