Mavs to start working out draft prospects

Around the league, draft prospects are visiting teams and being put through final workouts as clubs put the finishing touhes on their draft boards. The NBA Draft is June 24.

The Dallas Mavericks have their evaluation work cut out for them since they won't pick -- barring a move into the first round -- until the 50th selection rolls around (the New Jersey Nets own the Mavs' 27th pick as the final part of the Jason Kidd trade).

The Mavs will bring in their first crop of prospects on June 15-18 and then another crop on June 21-22. About four to six players are expected to work out each day.

This year's draft class is considered to be deep and could possibly net the Mavs a player that can contribute now -- a rarity for a pick that late in the second round.

Next week, I'll begin a series looking at players that could be available when the Mavs select at No. 50. But, here's one name that falls somewhat in the DeJuan Blair (37th pick)/Glen "Big Baby" Davis (35th) mold -- two players the Mavs passed on -- a thick power forward without great length or hops, who is projected as a second-round pick, but has some scouts wondering if he couldn't be a career 10-and-10 guy who should be considered a first-round selection: Notre Dame's Luke Harangody.

Yes, although Blair and Davis slid, they were still off the board well before the Mavs will pick, but in this draft, it appears there are no guarantees. Harangody could go 25th as easily as he could go 50th.

It will be a busy two weeks for the Mavs' evaluators.