Cuban: International ball benefits Roddy B

Mark Cuban has made his feelings clear over the years about Mavericks participating in international competition. He didn’t like it.

Not with Dirk Nowitzki. Not with Steve Nash. Not with Jason Kidd. And so on.

Rodrigue Beaubois, however, is an exception. Cuban is fine with Roddy B running the show for the French team this summer.

“I'm ok with it,” Cuban said via e-mail. “I've always said that I would be fine with participation as long as there was a 23- or 25-year old age limit.”

Beaubois’ situation is much different than the Dallas stars who have spent summers playing international ball. He didn’t play many minutes in his rookie season, minimizing the concern about wear and tear. And he’s still in the very early stages of his development, especially as a point guard.

Cuban believes that Beaubois can benefit from playing for the French team, as long as he’s used as the starting point guard. With Tony Parker taking the summer off, that seems to be the plan.

Running a team against high-level competition should be a continuation of Beaubois’ summer education with the Mavs’ coaches. It ought to help prepare the Mavs’ most dynamic athlete to play significant minutes at point guard last season.

One way to look at it is Beaubois’ experience with the French team can help the Mavs rest Kidd more often. Cuban can live with international ball saving the legs on one of his most important players.