Donnie on Dirk: 'We're gonna get him'

DALLAS -- Dallas Mavericks president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson just concluded a brief press conference and shared his mission as he heads to the airport bound for Germany and Dirk Nowitzki's doorstep for the start of free agency at 11:01 CT: "We're gonna get him."

No news there, Nowitzki appears a lock to return to the Mavs under a new, four-year deal, but the franchise is taking no chances with their franchise player.

"This is our No. 1 objective," Nelson said. "Is it possible things wouldn't work out? Yes. But, with this there is no 'B' plan."

Nelson said Nowitzki recognizes that he's the first piece to the puzzle. Once the club has his commitment, it can then assure other players and owners that the Mavs' plan is in full motion. The sooner Nowitzki confirms, the sooner Nelson can get back to the states and get back in the mix.

"There's no mix if there's no Dirk," Nelson said.