Don't look for Shaq to join Cuban's team

Whenever a new destination for Shaquille O'Neal is discussed, the Dallas Mavericks will come up. Shaq and Mavs owner Mark Cuban are buddies and Cuban has a lot of money and he isn't afraid to take a risk or make a splash.

And, hey, who are the Mavs -- with their history of inferior centers -- not to give one of the most dominant players ever on the planet at least his deserved consideration? Plus, the Mavs might not even have a center on the roster depending what happens with unrestricted free agent Brendan Haywood and Erick Dampier, whose non-guaranteed, $13-million contract has him on the trading block.

The Mavs popped up again Monday night as one of at least three teams taking a hard look at Shaq.

While anything is possible, it's a better bet that Shaq remains in the more rugged Eastern Conference.

For reasons why he likely won't be a Mav next season, please refer to this recent blog entry by yours truly.