Roddy B's summer school starts today

Summer school is now in session for Roddy Beaubois as the Dallas Mavericks summer league squad opens play today in Las Vegas at 3 p.m. against the Denver Nuggets.

The game will be streamed live on ESPN3.com and televised on NBA TV.

Beaubois is expected to get heavy minutes at point guard, while first-round draft pick Dominique Jones will be the prime shooting guard. But, make no mistake, this summer is all about the development of Beaubois. The Mavs have significant hopes that the young Frenchman will add an explosive offensive dynamic the team has been missing for years.

In fact, coach Rick Carlisle said Thursday on ESPN 103.3 FM that Beaubois could be inserted into the starting lineup.

It's a lot to ask from a 22-year-old, who only two years ago was playing in a low-level league in France and barely spoke English. To his credit, Beaubois said he's ready for the expectations and the scrutiny.

"For sure, I can see that people really want me to do good things, so I really appreciate it," Beaubois said. "I just have to work. I need to work and try to get better every day. It is a process."

Beaubois will match up today against Denver's second-year guard Ty Lawson, who had a terrific rookie season, as well as Nuggets shooting guard Aaron Afflalo. Unlike last year in Vegas, when Beaubois was a total unknown, he will be a prime motivator this time around for his competition.

Mavs assistant coach Darrell Armstrong, who will coach the summer team with Monte Mathis, said Beaubois has the proper approach to handle the pressure.

"I always looked at him and I watched him -- I watch guys -- he don't have no fear. He don't have no fear of who he's playing against and that started probably with Gilbert Arenas up in Washington in a preseason game [last year]," Armstrong said. "Coach [Rick Carlisle] threw him in in the beginning of the second half. I know he knows who Agent Zero is, but I tell you what, he got up in Gilbert and I don't give a damn if a veteran don't want to play in the preseason, he made Agent Zero play.

"He was stealing the ball, he was scoring. That showed me that his courage is good, his challenge is good, he likes that opportunity and he likes a challenge and he'll have no fear. He's not scared. He wants that pressure and everybody don't want that. They might say they want it, but put him in that situation and he can respond and he's been doing it. That's what I like about him."