Tim Grgurich a possibility to join staff

Jason Terry is learning what Shawn Marion and many other NBA players have known about the understated Tim Grgurich.

So excited about his week working with “Gurg” after practices at Dallas Mavericks training camp, Terry wanted to share it with the world, via Twitter, of course.

“Xtra shootn with gurgs great workout we gotta have him on staff his mojo is real.”

Translation: Terry is sold on “Gurg.” The Mavs might be, too. Sources have told espndallas.com that they hope to bring Grgurich on as an assistant under coach Rick Carlisle. The confidant of George Karl in Seattle and Denver, Grgurich recently walked away from the Nuggets, torn over the direction and recent turbulence within the franchise. His decision was a sensitive one. Twelve of his 18 years in the NBA have been with Karl, who is returning to the bench after a difficult bout with throat cancer.

Asked earlier in the week to share Grgurich's involvement at camp, Mavs coach Rick Carlisle didn’t care to expound beyond a sentence or two before he changed the subject.

"He’s spending some time with us in training camp," Carlisle said. "He’s a friend of ours and he’s here spending some time at camp and it’s been great."

Here’s how Carlisle spoke of Grgurich in the Boston Globe in 2004 when he coached Indiana:

“There have been two major forces in the development of players and coaches over the last 20 years: Pete Newell and Tim Grgurich.The irony is that in this day and age of marketing and self-promotion, neither Pete nor Tim would ever want any publicity for what they do or the part they've played.”

Marion worked with Grgurich during their time together in Phoenix. Marion praised his subtle communication with players, to teach and translate information and ideas about the game’s nuances and geometry, and to share it in a way that, like Terry, excites players. Grgurich became well-known for his partnership with Gary Payton in Seattle and today some of the game’s top talent attends his under-the-radar camp in Las Vegas every August.

Out of the league Grgurich is hardly known. Within it, he's long held something of a guru status.

“He’s just got a technique,” Marion said.