Mavs make protecting home court priority

DALLAS -- Coach Rick Carlisle doesn’t care to discuss the theories about why the Mavs didn’t protect their home court well enough last season.

He just wants to fix the problem.

The Mavs get that opportunity early in the season. Beginning with tonight’s opener against the Bobcats, they have 17 of their first 26 games at the American Airlines Center.

It’s not like the Mavs were miserable at home last season. They went 28-13, which tied for the 10th-best record in the league. But that’s bad by the standards of a team that averaged 34 home wins the previous four seasons.

“Last year, home court was a weakness of ours,” Carlisle said. “It just can’t be that way. We’ve got to make a stand.

“We made road a priority last year and became the best road team in the league [with a 27-14 record]. Now we’ve got to do the same with the home court and still be good on the road.”