Mavs' bench can't keep pace

DALLAS -- The Mavs consider depth one of their biggest strengths, but the opening quarter of the season didn't support that theory.

The starting five led by as many as 17 points. The Mavs were up 14 when Rick Carlisle went to the bench with a little less than four minutes remaining in the quarter.

Mavs 25, Bobcats 21 after a dozen minutes.

The Mavs' lone bucket in the last 3:57 came on a J.J. Barea finger roll. They're relying on Shawn Marion to exploit some mismatches against second units, but they miss Jason Terry's scoring pine off the punch.

Caron Butler stayed in with the secon unit, but he's cooled off after a hot start. He leads the Mavs with seven points but has hit only three of eight shots from the floor. The rest of the starting lineup is a combined 5-of-7.

UPDATE: And the lead's gone at the 9:07 mark of the second quarter. The Bobcats are on a 22-4 run.