Dirk's knee doesn't worry Mark Cuban

DALLAS -- What, Mark Cuban worry about a mild knee sprain?

The Mavs' owner downplayed conceren about Dirk Nowitzki's injury. It's not considered serious, but this will be the second consecutive game Nowitzki sits.

It's not certain when Nowitzki will return, although Cuban said he expects the MVP candidate to at least travel with the team to Milwaukee for Saturday's game. But Cuban put a positive spin on the situation even if Nowitzki misses a handful of games.

"It’s a good opportunity actually," Cuban said. "It’s a chance for the other guys to develop working together, a chance for us to come up with some good lineups without Dirk, so there’s really some upside there."

The Mavs plan to exercise caution and patience when it comes to Nowitzki's return. There is no hurry to get him back on the floor.

"We’re in good shape," Cuban said. "It’s only 30 games into the season.

"The team that we’re playing tonight, the Spurs, are the king of that. How many times have they held out [Tim] Duncan or [Manu] Ginobili or [Tony] Parker just because you don’t want the other team to see what you’ve got when it’s all said and done? They’ll hold them out against good teams that they’re competing with because [Gregg Popovich] has confidence in the team, and so do we."