Rookie OK doing whatever Mavs want

DALLAS -- Rookie Dominique Jones is getting time in the second quarter, playing in a three-guard lineup first with J.J. Barea and Jason Terry, and then Barea and Jason Kidd.

Technically, the 6-foot-5 Jones is assuming the small forward position in such alignments. There's also been talk of using him some at point guard where's played for the D-League Texas Legends.

Already tonight, Jones is handling the ball, but also guarding Portland forward Nicolas Batum, so call Jones a point forward.

Whatever he plays, Jones said before the game, he's cool with it. No disrespect of course, but he's not all that keen on returning to the Legends any time soon.

"I’ll play anything. Coming from the D-League, seeing how it is down there, you kind of take this league for granted," Jones said. "From now on I’m just playing hard. I don’t care who I’m just playing against, how big, how short,whatever. I’m just going to do whatever I need to do and hope that what I do is better thanwhat they do."