Shooting jumpers big step for Roddy Beaubois

DALLAS -- Rodrigue Beaubois repeatedly caught the ball, jumped off the floor, snapped his wrist and talked trash in celebration of a swish as the Mavericks’ practice wrapped up Wednesday.

That’s a significant step in his recovery from a broken foot that has sidelined the dynamic second-year guard all season. It’s not a sign that his return is imminent, however.

“It’s a big step for me because it’s been a long time,” said Beaubois, who was headed for a regularly scheduled doctor visit after practice. “I feel good about it. I really feel good.

“Now I can jump on my shot. Week by week, I’m going to add some things.”

Shooting jumpers is the most strenuous basketball activity that Beaubois has been cleared to do. He has competed in post-practice shooting competitions for the last four days.

Beaubois beat DeShawn Stevenson on the last shot Wednesday, with Dominique Jones a distant third. Stevenson and Beaubois talked good-natured trash throughout the competition, which sounds especially found with Beaubois’ French accent. Roddy B. claims that he’s won three of the four sessions, with a loss to J.J. Barea the lone blemish.

“It’s the last time, too,” Beaubois said.

Beaubois admitted that he’s getting gassed quickly. He’ll need a lot of conditioning work before he’s ready to play in a game. And there are still many steps to even consider that possibility, such as being able to plant and cut on his foot.

The Mavs still won’t set a timetable for Beaubois’ return. It’s still a matter of weeks, not days.

“Hey listen, I’m not talking about Roddy until he’s ready to play and I’m going to be very consistent on that,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “He’s on the court doing a few things, but we’re a long way from being ready to talk about him playing.”

Added Beaubois: “I still need more time. Hopefully, it’s going to be pretty soon. Right now, I’m just happy about the fact that I can jump a little bit.”