Rick Carlisle 'obviously' didn't like officiating

DALLAS -- Mavs coach Rick Carlisle unleashed a rant directed at the referees that would have made Mark Cuban proud.

Carlisle picked up two technical fouls to get tossed with 6:06 remaining in the Mavs' 117-107 loss to the Magic. He was supposedly protesting a no-call while the Mavs were trying to intentionally foul, but his anger seemed to have much deeper roots than that, especially considering Dallas was dealing with a double-digit deficit at the time.

"I didn't like the officiating obviously, but that's as much as I’m going to say about it," Carlisle said. "I think that calls you disagree with are one of the realities of this league, and when you really disagree a lot, you get thrown out of the game."

Another reality of this league is that coaches of teams who have lost five of seven games tend to get very frustrated. Carlisle vented that frustration midway through the fourth quarter.