Roddy Beaubois has begun contact work

DALLAS -- Mark Cuban declined to confirm Rodrigue Beaubois' statement to the French Web site BasketNews that a small crack reappeared in his foot in October.

"It doesn't matter. So what?" Cuban said. "There was probably an error in translation in there somewhere."

Cuban's larger point is that what happened with Beaubois months ago is much less relevant that what's happening right now. Of course, the Mavs aren't exactly forthcoming about Beaubois' recovery, still refusing to set any sort of timeline.

However, Cuban maintains that he's confident Beaubois will get significant playing time before the Feb. 24 trade deadline. That's important because Cuban wants a good look at his full team before seriously consider any blockbuster deals.

Beaubois still hasn't participated in a full practice or any scrimmage work. He has had some contact work during drills, according to Cuban.

"We're increasing his workload every day," Cuban said. "That's a huge positive."