Dominique Jones (foot) out as Roddy B close

DALLAS -- Just as one young gun for the Dallas Mavericks is nearing his return from a prolonged foot injury, another is headed out with a foot injury.

Rookie Dominique Jones is expected to miss quite a bit of time with a stress fracture in his foot. He's being examined at this moment by team doc T.O. Souryal. When and how Jones injured his foot is uncertain.

Team officials weren't giving any details earler Tuesday until one provided information that Jones was dealing with a pre-existing injury that progressively became worse. A little later, the team issued a statement saying that he had a stress fracture.

It won't effect the Mavs too much as they go for a 10th consecutive win Wednesday at Sacramento Kings. Jones hasn't been in the rotation all season and he certainly didn't figure to hop in it during the final 3o games or so.

Meanwhile, Roddy Beaubois hit a personal milestone Tuesday as he participated in his first full practice. It was an abbreviated, 45-minute workout before the team headed to Sacramento. Beaubois will not be on the first two legs of the trip, which goes through Denver on Thursday. He could join the team in Houston for Saturday's game against the Rockets, although Beaubois won't play in that game either.

The earliest Beaubois could make his season debut is Feb. 16 at home against Sacramento or Feb. 17 at Phoenix Suns, which leads into th All-Star break.