Roddy B will play the 2, but what about the 1?

DALLAS -- The grand plan was for Roddy Beaubois to hone his raw point guard skills in the NBA Summer League, take his talents to Turkey with the French National team and be ready to play the position in a backup role for the Dallas Mavericks when he's not carving up defenses from the shooting guard spot.

We all know that Beaubois didn't show well at the point in Las Vegas and then came the fractured fifth metatarsal bone in his left foot, the re-injury, the five-month recovery, yada, yada...But, now that Beaubois is set to make his season debut on Wednesday, with any luck, will he be used strictly as a shooting guard after such a long layoff? Or will coach Rick Carlisle have enough faith to put the ball in his hands and run the offense for a few minutes a game?

"He’s a multi-position player," Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said. "He’s a 1-2, 2-1, however you want to look at it."

It would not be surprising if Beaubois jumped into the starting spot at shooting guard immediately. What do the Mavs have to lose with just 28 games remaining in the regular season? DeShawn Stevenson is averaging just 18.8 minutes and was at around 14 minutes a game before injuries forced his minutes up, so, it's not as though the starting spot was being nailed down by a high-minute man anyway.

Might as well go with what you're eventually going to go with. Right? Carlisle might have been leaning in that direction Monday when he offered this about Beaubois' rookie season: "I think the thing about him that is exciting for us is the one thing he established last year is that he was an effective player at the 2-position with Jason Kidd. That was the one consistent thing that he established last year. He showed a lot of flashes of brilliance, but never got any real traction in any other area consistently. He’s worked hard on that this summer before the injury, working on the point position."

Sounds like playing with Kidd might not be a bad idea. To do that consistently, Beaubois might just have to be a starter.

And maybe every now and then he can even bring the ball up the floor, too.