J-Kidd on Roddy B: 'Natural 2-guard'

DALLAS -- Roddy Beaubois showed last season that he can be a cold-blooded scorer from the shooting guard position. As for point guard, those outtakes will be shown one day on the NBA blooper reel.

So, as Beaubois makes his return tonight, it is assumed that he will get most, if not all, of his minutes at shooting guard, with the point-guard primers delayed until next offseason. After all, J.J. Barea is playing the best basketball of his career at the position.

"His strengths are his speed and being able to get out and score," Mavs point guard Jason Kiddsaid of Beaubois. "We were looking for him before the injury to kind of learn the point-guard position, but he’s a natural 2-guard in the sense of scoring and being able to put pressure on the defense. So with me being on the floor he doesn’t have to think about what plays to run, he just has to do what he does best and that’s score the ball."

The Mavs still would like to groom Beaubois to play the point. Kidd's contract is up after next season (assuming there is a next season), and that's not to say Kidd won't play yet another year and take his career to his 40th birthday (he turns 38 on March 23). Still, Dallas would prefer to develop its own young talent at the position than have to scramble and find a point guard through free agency or trade. They certainly don't foresee themselves in position to select a top college point guard at the top of the draft any time soon.

So expect to see Beaubois logging plenty of minutes in these final 28 games alongside Kidd, who also suggested time for Beaubois when the Mavs go to a three-guard lineup.

"Eventually he will move over to the point guard position," Kidd said. "But, with the injury, the setback, right now it’s just for him to get on the court and get some minutes under his belt. I don’t see why not for him to be able to play with J.J. at the same time on the court. Right now it’s just to make sure he’s comfortable playing.

"We’re going to a lot of the small lineups, so you could see J.J., myself and Roddy out there, even Jet [Jason Terry], J.J. and Roddy. So, there’s a lot of opportunities, but right now we just need to get minutes under his belt."