Carlisle: Roddy's minutes will be earned

After Roddy Beaubois averaged 20 minutes, 10.6 points and 4.0 assists in his first three appearances of the season, it figured that his minutes and production would only go up as he continued to get re-acclimated to NBA ball after missing 54 games with a broken foot.

However, over the last three games, both his minutes and production have dipped. Beaubois has played 13, 15 and 13 minutes in the last three games respectively, totaling 13 points and five assists.

"If his play warrants more minutes," Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said, "he'll play more minutes."

Carlisle said Beaubois' reduced minutes has a lot to do with the strength of the rotation, which is hard to argue considering the team was 38-16 without Beaubois and continues to pour on the offense whether he plays 20 minutes a game and scores 10 points or plays 13 and scores six points.

"He's doing a lot of good things," Carlisle said. "I like his approach. He's running the floor hard. He played a little longer in the first half last night because he was playing well."

And in the second half, Jason Terry was so hot, finishing with a season-high 30 points (13-of-18 FGs), that Carlisle couldn't take him out.

In his first three games, Beaubois, while fighting fatigue, made 14-of-29 field goals (48.3 percent) and totaled 32 points and 12 assists. In the last three games he is 6-of-19 from the floor (31.6 percent) with 13 points and five assists.

"Coming into this it was clear to me there would be ups and downs," Carlisle said. "We're going to stay the course in terms of the approach for now. He is still a valuable piece to our team."