Forget about Spurs; look out for Lakers

Mark Cuban has a better chance of being given a key to the city of San Antonio than his Mavericks do of catching the Spurs in the Western Conference standings.

The odds of the Spurs blowing a 5 ½-game lead with less than a quarter of the season remaining are slimmer than Corey Brewer. If the Mavs move out of the second seed, they’ll be going down.

Don’t look now, but the Los Angeles Lakers have won seven straight games and are only a game behind the Mavs with a date in Dallas on Saturday night.

“It’s going to come down to the last couple of games like every other year,” Dirk Nowitzki said, “so it doesn’t do any good to start watching [the standings] now in March.”

Despite Dirk’s lack of interest in the subject, we compared the remaining schedules for the Mavs and Lakers.

LA has 18 games remaining, seven on the road and 14 against .500 or better teams. The Mavs have 20 games remaining, 11 on the road and 13 against .500 or better teams.

The Lakers’ biggest scheduling advantage is the March 31 game against the Mavs at the Staples Center. The Mavs played the Clippers the previous night, while the Lakers have three days off before the showdown that could decide homecourt advantage in the second round.