For Roddy B, patience must be a virtue

NEW ORLEANS -- With 6:16 left in the third quarter, Rodrigue Beaubois picked up an unnecessary foul on the perimeter. Five seconds later he got hit with another along the sideline in front of the Mavericks' bench. Four seconds later, boom, soft-spoken Roddy B got nailed with a technical foul.

Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle tried to argue that he's the one that should have been dealt the T, and Beaubois pleaded his case as well, even pointing at Carlisle, but to no avail. At that moment, Beuabois made the slow walk to the bench as though he knew his night was done.

And it was. After a blazing start, scoring seven of the Mavs' first 11 points in the opening 4:28, Beaubois exited the first quarter at the 5:01 mark and didn't return until the start of the third quarter.

He missed a 3-pointer, penetrated the lane and dropped a pass to Tyson Chandler for a layup and then drove again and floated in 3-foot teardrop at the 10:32 mark. It was his first and last basket of the half.

Then came the fouls and that was that.

Roddy's line: 13 minutes, nine points (4-of-10 FGs, 1-of-4 3 FGs), one assist, one turnover, one blocked shot, two fouls and one technical foul. Not exactly the stuff of legends.

Beaubois has not logged more than 18 minutes in any of the last seven games and six have been 15 minutes or less. Perhaps that's only startling because in his first three games back after missing 54 games with a broken foot, he played 21, 19 and 22 minutes and, as Dirk Nowitzki said, the sky seemed the limit.

Recently, Beaubois has opened the first and third quarters and that's it. After Wednesday's 93-92 loss to the New Orleans Hornets, Beaubois was asked if he is managing to be patient.

"I guess. I don't have any choice," Beaubois said. "For sure, I want to play, but I just came back and the guys played great before that."

Beaubois made 3-of-5 shots in the first quarter. But, after sitting out the final 17 minutes of the first half and then halftime, he missed 4-of-5 shots in the third quarter.

"It's tough because you kind of get out of a rhythm, but that's the way it is," Beaubois said. "I have to keep working to find a way to stay on the court. I have to continue to work on my conditioning. I'm not 100 percent, but I am better than when I started."

Before the third quarter started, Mavs assistant coach Dwane Casey, the defensive architect, was giving Beaubois instructions. Beaubois did not look at Casey as he spoke.

Asked if he believes his defense is preventing Carlisle from playing him more, Beaubois said, "Ask him. I don't know."