Relatively ripped Roddy B. working on D

LOS ANGELES – The odds of Rodrigue Beaubois ever posing for the cover of a bodybuilding magazine are pretty slim.

But Roddy B. isn’t quite as slim as he used to be.

“I got a little bit stronger, just a little bit,” Beaubois said with a sheepish grin after being told that coach Rick Carlisle mentioned his added muscle.

Beaubois said he bulked up five pounds, going from 181 to 186, while sitting out the first 54 games with a broken left foot. He spent a lot of time in the Mavericks’ weight room because there wasn’t much else he could do to improve his game while wearing a protective boot.

“There were several situations the other night where he got switched onto bigger guys,” Carlisle said, referring to the win over the Suns. “His added strength helps in those situations where he has to fight big guys.”

Of course, that didn’t keep Beaubois from picking up five fouls in 13 minutes. His defensive performance, like his physique, is very much a work in progress.

There are times when it’s painful to watch Beaubois get exploited in pick-and-roll situations, but Carlisle said he has seen progress. At the very least, Beaubois understands the importance of improving on the defensive end.

“Every game I’m learning,” Beaubois said. “It’s a challenge I have to take. I have to get better.”

Bulking up a bit was a solid first step.