Roddy B. on Kobe? Mavs take major risk

LOS ANGELES -- Rick Carlisle took a major risk with the matchups to start the game.

He put skinny Roddy Beaubois on the Black Mamba.

Kobe Bryant went right to work on the block, but he didn't do a ridiculous amount of damage. Bryant has seven points on 3-of-6 shooting in the quarter, which is production the Mavs can live with if they limit the rest of the Lakers.

They didn't really limit the rest of the Lakers. Pau Gasol had eight points on 4-of-5 shooting in the quarter. Ron Artest, the man Mark Cuban wants making decisions with the ball, had five assists.

Lakers 28, Mavs 26.

It was the best offensive first quarter of the road trip. Jason Kidd, freed from the responsibility of wrestling with the 260-pound Artest, knocked down a pair of 3-pointers to match Dirk Nowitzki with a team-high six points.