Mavs' trip filled with offensive misery

PORTLAND, Ore. – Based on the offensive numbers, the Mavs should feel fortunate that they won half their games on this road trip.

The Mavs are 40-4 when they score 100 points this season and 13-20 when they do not. They cracked triple digits just once during this six-game journey.

The Mavs averaged 93.5 points on .427 shooting during the trip. To put those numbers in perspective, the Bucks rank at the bottom of the league in both categories this season, averaging 91.6 points on .429 shooting.

What’s the problem?

“We’ve got to just play better,” Dirk Nowitzki said. “Get more out of myself again. Jet hasn’t really been here on this trip. J. Kidd’s gotta make some shots. Just all across the board, we’ve got to play better.”

Nowitzki was right to single out the three Mavs who play the most minutes. Nowitzki, Jason Terry and Jason Kidd all had awful road trips.

Nowitzki put up good numbers during the pair of games in L.A., but he averaged 19.5 points on .408 shooting for the trip. He gave the Trail Blazers credit for forcing the ball out of his hands by double-teaming him. He used the term “ice cold” to describe his other rough nights.

Terry started the trip with a 22-point performance in Utah, but he averaged only 11.7 points on .359 shooting. He came up especially small in the biggest games, scoring a puny total of nine points on 3-of-15 shooting in losses to the Lakers and Blazers.

Kidd’s clutch shooting was the key to the Mavs’ win over the Suns, but he was miserable after that game. He averaged 6.2 points on .309 shooting, ending with a scoreless, 0-for-6 stinker in Portland.

Dirk deserves the benefit of the doubt that he’ll get in a groove for the playoffs. That isn’t the case for Terry and Kidd, based on their poor postseason performances a year ago.