New version of reality for Mark Cuban

DALLAS – No, this has nothing to do with Mark Cuban’s, um, unique opinions about the media.

We’re talking about augmented reality, some funky new technology that the Mavericks will incorporate into playoff tickets and perhaps much more in the future.

The Mavs are the first sports team to partner with Big PlayAR, a company that concentrates on augmented reality. Fans with android phones will be able to download apps that, when pointed at the Mavs’ playoff tickets, allow them to play a basic basketball video game featuring the player on that particular ticket.

“I wanted to figure out a way we could add more value to tickets and make them not only a collector’s item but a game,” Mark Cuban said. “It’s a cool way to engage fans, to create entertainment around any down time.”

The video game seemed pretty realistic. With Cuban at the controls, the demo started with Jason Kidd’s character firing a couple of bricks that didn’t even catch rim.

Cuban hopes this is just the beginning of the Mavs’ use of augmented reality. He envisions using it with menus, apparel, pictures around the arena and more in the future.

“The possibilities are just limited by your imagination,” said Cuban, who has proven time and time again that his imagination knows no bounds.