Terry says he knew the score, but did he?

HOUSTON -- With the Dallas Mavericks trailing the Houston Rockets by one point and 1.5 seconds left in the game, Jason Terry stepped up to the free throw line needing to hit two to win it.

"With Jet on the line with one second to go," Dirk Nowitzki said, "I’ll take that any day."

As long as Terry knows the right score. It certainly appears that Terry, an 85.4 percent free throw shooter, thought he only needed one free for the lead. His second attempt bounced high off the rim. The Rockets tried to corral the rebound, but it bounced out of bounds as the buzzer sounded, ending regulation in an 86-86 tie.

Only Terry was in the midst of a full sprint the other way. He raised his arms, pumped his fist, smiled big and sure seemed to be celebrating victory No. 56 of the season.

He says that wasn't the case.

"No, no, I knew the game was tied up," Terry said. "It was a happy reaction that they knocked the ball out of bounds and didn't have an opportunity to get a shot at the basket. I was definitely trying to make that free throw."

Terry's facial expression and body language sure seemed to change on a dime after he ran all the way down the court only to then realize no one else was celebrating with him. The rest of the team headed back to the bench to play their first overtime game 81 games into the season.

Mavs coach Rick Carlisle at first offered only a few moments of silence when asked at the end of his post-game media session if Jet had mistakenly thought he'd won the game with the first free throw. Then Carlisle turned to Mavs media relations director Sarah Melton and jokingly said, "I'm done, all right?"

Carlisle, with a bit of a crooked smile, then said, "You've got to love a guy that's that enthusiastic after a missed free throw."

Jason Kidd could only smile and suggested the question would be best posed to Jet.

As the overtime period was about to get underway, Terry and Nowitzki shared a hearty chuckle on the floor as if in on an inside joke.

But hey, give this to Jet, who has had a rough couple of weeks: he came through in overtime with a couple of key jumpers that opened the lead, giving him 21 points and sending Dallas on to the 98-91 overtime victory.

"Well," Terry said, "We're undefeated in OT."