Experience hasn't always helped Mavs

DALLAS -- The Mavericks have more than three times as much playoff experience as these Trail Blazers.

The players on the Dallas roster have appeared in 576 playoff games. The Portland players have appeared in only 186, fewer than every playoff team except the Pacers and Hornets.

The Mavs are wise enough to know that while experience could be an advantage, it guarantees absolutely nothing in a series.

“We do look at it as an advantage,” said Jason Terry, whose 62 career playoff games ranks fifth on the Mavs’ roster. “But young and dumb and you don’t know, that’s a scary thought. They’ve had some struggles in the postseason as well, so they’re going to be just as hungry as we are.”

Maybe Mavs fans can take comfort in the fact that it’s been 11 years since the Trail Blazers have won a playoff series, but only if they’ve forgotten that Golden State (16 years) and New Orleans (six years) ended long droughts by knocking out Dallas in the first round.